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Deoye Biography

By January 9, 2022March 3rd, 20226 Comments

International act Deoye, formerly known as Jay Armstrong was born, raised and trained in one of the world’s most populous city – Lagos, Nigeria. He has expressed his unique sound over the years and it’s acceptance has been indeed wide. ‘Nobody, his latest single has left a remarkable effect to many’s spirit in the body of the of Christ. That was a sound from another realm. Growing up, Deoye continued to nurse his interest in music, learning new skills and developing himself in many music-related ways. He has had some amazing stage share, combos, singing alongside popular Nigerian artists both home and abroad including but not limited to Tim Godfrey, Frank Edwards, Efe Nathan, Jumbo Ane to mention a few. Deoye is indeed one of today’s amazing and unique voices.


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