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Jesus Reigns

I was listening to Pastor Chris message titled “The name of Jesus” in my bedroom in 2015 when a great faith rose up within me to use the name Jesus to overcome life’s challenges ravaging me at that time. I was inspired with this sound after listening to this same message the 5th time and the Spirit of God began giving me words to fill in. It dawned on me that I’ve never taken advantage of what has been given to me FREE-OF-CHARGE. This experience turned around my life in a month to my greatest amazement. God set up for me a job I had no qualifications or special training for. I couldn’t have applied for such a role in my senses even with faith however. It’s been from height to heights. I’ve since then realized my life’s advantage is Jesus always remembering what he did on the cross for me to live victoriously.

Believe by faith that He died and it was once and for ALL. His resurrection brought us to a large place where everything is made new.

Use the name JESUS!


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