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Deoye speaks on NOBODY

Prior to the pandemic, I started getting worried about where I was in life and how my plans and dreams didn’t materialize as I expected. This robbed me of my joy in a very loud extend. Nothing was working. Not long after that, the pandemic set in and took my job. Imagine how devastating that could be! My faith got a major hit by this incidences and I simply let life live me.
That faithful sunday I was home after abstaining from church for 3 weeks straight, justifying in my heart how God was not worth relying on. Then I had an overwhelming voice within telling me “Who saved your life that day on the train track? Who do you think sent your friend bringing you food when you had nothing? Who showed you mercy in front of the judge on that punishable case. The question was rushing endlessly as I’d already breaken down in tears repenting of my ingratitude and foolishness that has worn me out for months. It was at this point this line came to me Nobody is like you… Nobody loves me like you do!


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