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Get to know Deoye with Gtuneztv

By March 12, 20222 Comments

Deoye, formerly known as Jay Armstrong was born, raised and trained in one of the world’s most populous cities – Lagos, Nigeria. The Gospel Artist shared his experience with Gtuneztv an online Gospel tv during an interview, he also discussed his forthcoming single title: NA YOU 

live chat with Deoye courtesy GTUNEZTV

Can we get to know you ?

Deoye: I’m Adeoye Adesanya. 3rd born of 3 siblings. Grew up in the city of Lagos, Ogba precisely. I’m pretty cool and calm, I stay out of trouble. Confam Omoluabi. My parents can testify. Graduated from Federal university of technology, Akure with BTech. Urban and regional planning. I’m a lover of God, was brought up from a Christian background which has indeed put me on an advantage early in life. I love helping people grow. I love passionate people. I love to read and empower myself. I also love to be alone- That’s my place of strength. Although I’ve lived in my shell half of my life, I believe the remaining half is getting better. Lol

I don’t like traveling except it’s quiet and I have a pen and  notepad. I’m a photographer every other weekend outside my 9-5 in information technology.

Wow this is quite interesting, is it safe to refer to you as an introverted person ?

Deoye: Not anymore! I’m in between both now

Okay good to know that.

How did your music journey start ?

Deoye: While growing up, most of my family members were choristers, even my other cousins, so music was around me as much as I knew . I paid rapt attention to songs. In Fact there were songs that determined my mood all day if I listened to them in the morning. Sounds began to become a huge deal to me. I remember patiently waiting for the choir to come up to sing on Sunday. It excites me. This was around the age of 8 to be precise. Little after that I could easily pick if someone was singing the wrong part. All through this moment, I was not enrolled in the choir neither was I learning any instrument which I sadly regret today. The first time I officially got into a choir was my 1st year in school at Foursquare Students Fellowship, FUTA. I finally had the opportunity beyond my room singing and closed doors to whisper what kind of music I’ve contained all along. I became a major vocalist from then onward majorly for gospel music even till I rounded off my studies. Everywhere I went It followed me there.

his journey is indeed an eye opener especially for those who are aspiring to go into music ministry.

Yeah Deoye, can you briefly share how you got convinced to go into music ministry ?

Deoye: My full realization of this occurred when a minister of the gospel approached me to tell me the Lord will have me be a minister in songs. I thought about it for a while. Then I had a friend tell me the same about a month after. It became a regular ending note for prophetic meetings I attended. It started adding up until I was praying in my room way back in school & I felt the presence of God. I had no words, no voice at that instance but I had a strong overwhelming feeling that I was made for ministering in music. After that experience, I started receiving sounds. Sounds that I could never have put together. It was beyond mind

Glory to God !!!

Deoye: Gloraaaay

Being a Nigeria in diaspora, what can you say about the growth in Gospel music industry in Nigeria 

Deoye: To be honest with you, Gospel music in Nigeria is not what it should be. I don’t like saying this but I will just spill it once and for all. Gospel music in Nigeria is limiting itself by not being ONE. There’s too much disunity in the body hence the kind of result we get. The scriptures say “A house divided against itself shall not stand” and to me, the body of Christ isn’t ONE in thought, in biblical & scriptural understanding, & in value. I consider it to be overly spiritual on less weightier matters. 

The level of competition in the industry makes me not wanna tag as a Gospel Artist. Can we just be focused on the work that our father has called us to do!

Hmmm when you say division can you give an example ?

Deoye: The level of competition is uncalled for. The goal is to work individually yet as one body.

Awesome, work individually with same focus (Christ Jesus), that’s deep,

we know you are set to release a single this year, tell us about it

Deoye: My latest release dropping on the 18th of March titled “Na you” alongside my brother “Greatman Takit” a fantastic and vibrant rap/ vocal artist.

NA YOU“ is a deep reflection from where God has brought me from. My story is just the same as the story of every African child who didn’t have a rosey and easy life. For some reasons these are peculiar patterns that affect life for us. I’ve been weak, I’ve been tired of life. I’ve climbed the fallen back again, I’ve pushed with all the strength within me. I couldn’t find any other sound to paint this than in pidgin, our very indigenous sound. I ultimately want to thank God for being on this unsmooth journey with me. I don’t think I deserve better than the people who couldn’t make it halfway to their destination. God has always been a book I’ve never been able to grasp on my journey. His ways with me are very unconventional & I’ve learnt not to trust my mind or man. I do say this “If God does not help me,  I’m sunk” I’m all grateful for Jehovah “Na you” 🙌🏽

Interesting !! All glory to God

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

Deoye: In the next 5 years, I see myself as a huge contributor to gospel music both in Nigeria and in the United States. I hope to have had over 2 albums by then with widespread positive and Spirit inspired songs. I also look forward to raising ministers with a different mindset regarding this ministry.

Who are your favorite artists in the Gospel industry ?

Deoye: NOSA is a special one to me. We have some things in common. Limoblaze is fantastic. Victoria Orenze. Prospa Ochimana, Nathaniel Bassey and some more

Who do you listen to while growing up ?

Deoye: To be honest I didn’t have a lot of music from Nigeria while growing up. I was more exposed to foreign artists like Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, then Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker, Dietrick Haddon, Fred Hammond, Tonex and others.

Any advice for someone who aspires to be a Gospel Artist ?

Deoye: You are supernaturally supported by God when you’re called into a ministry then you’ve got to make your calling effective. It’s going to take a lot of dedication and God’s leading. You’ve got to be ready to represent Jesus every way.

If you have 1 hour to change the world what will you do ?

Deoye: I will quickly make the church realize that we need to take our rightful place in influence. The world is totally out of ideas about how to run the world but the sons of God are no way close to the table to change things with divine ideas. We’ve got to take over the business, health sector, financial sector, in the media(essential), education, and governance. The world’s knowledge is empty. It will bring him to his room. The enemy is fine with leaders that will carry out his enterprise on the earth.also has he set around him the people/assistance that will be swift to these actions.

What’s your music philosophy ?

Deoye: Firstly, Music is such a blessing to mankind. Man can hardly resist it’s effect. It pierced through the soul so fast that it opened to it intensely, I will find a way to your spirit. 

For the reach of music, the spirit of man is not far. The devil in Saul left when David played the harp. This sheds more light on why anointed music doesn’t leave us the same. 

Music is largely misused in our day and time. The prevalence of it has birthed unimaginable corruption. My personal yarning is for more sane music to be written by more people. Music that will birth a different mindset and give rise to people with passion l. Music is a revolutionary tool in the hands of God and also the devil.

What’s your last statement for this interview ?

Deoye: I anticipate that everyone will listen to my upcoming song on all musical platforms dropping on the 18th of March, 2022. This is my first gift of joy to every of my fans this year amongst many more coming this year.

I want to encourage everyone to pause a moment to be grateful for the past blessings and turn around. God has brought your way. 

No matter what we could be going through currently, they will not bow to complaints nor tears. They crumble in the place of praise and thanksgiving. 

Give this as a gift to someone running out of hope and hitting the rocks of depression. It will end in praise.

Massive love ❤️

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