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“Na You” Deoye ft Greatman

By February 11, 2022March 3rd, 2022No Comments

“Na You” Na You the long awaited song. With music anointed as his ministry and God serving as his guiding light, Gospel artist Deoye bestows the Lord’s grace upon the world through his beautifully inspirational sound.

Distinctly emotive and radiating a compelling presence that draws from the preachings of Jesus Christ, Deoye cites influence from the likes of J.Moss, Jonathan McReynolds, and Frank Edwards. Above all, Deoye is an artist who aims to magnify the name of God through music, as he pivots between themes of love, faith and endurance.

Formerly known as Jay Armstrong, the Lagos-born, Chicago-based artist realized back in college that singing was his destiny. He has since been intent on sharing God’s grace through his music, and has fast become one of today’s most revered and unique voices in the Gospel circuit.

He has shared the stage with notable artists from home and abroad, including Tim Godfrey, Frank Edwards, Efe Nathan and Jumbo Ane to name a few. His forthcoming single, ‘Na You’, features Greatman Takit and is being released on March 25th, 2022.


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